Air Cleaner factory

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Air Cleaner factory

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Product Detail
Features description
Movable display panel: The position of display panel can be changed depends on your usage.
Air quality indicator lights: The lights will change according the air quality in room. Blue-Good, Green- Moderate, Yellow-Polluted, Red-Bad
100% OZONE FREE & PORTABLE EVERYWHERE - Those true HEPA air purifiers are 100% ozone free. More environmental friendly & provides you a healthier life style. They cover up to 161.46 sq.ft indoor, portable in anywhere in your house such as living room, kitchen, bedroom & your office. The compact size allows you to put in on table. The stable structure gives you another choice to put it on the floor. They are light weight so that can be easy to carry around. Purchase one set and use everywhere
Give you a better breath environment
How does it work?
Air intake from the right and left sizes, through the two filters. All dust, pollen, pet Dander will be filtrated by the filters, and clean air come out from the top panel.
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