Jet Propelled Boogie Board manufacturers

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Jet Propelled Boogie Board manufacturers

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This four speed jet propelled boogie board has four adjustable speeding modes. The four adjustable speeding modes not only suits those who are not good at swimming, but also suits the beginners.
Features & Advantages
1. We make use of high quality ABS plastics and propeller(36V/3200W/6500rpm) to build up this electric bodyboard.

2. To enhance the excitement of bodyboarding, we set standard mode and sports mode, and four speeds. The maximum speed of the propeller reaches 6500rpm.
3. We design a function of automatic protection. If it suddenly malfunctions, it will can work as a life ring, so those beginners do not need to worry about their own safety. If it runs out of battery, the red light on the left side of the LCD will light up. If there is an emergency fault, the red light will flash an alarm.
4. Its simple operation makes it an ideal products for those beginners who are not skillful at bodyboarding.
5. This product is reserved with a camera stand vacancy. Thus, you can take photos or videos as you like, for the purpose of practicing or sharing on the social media.
6. The main power switch is pressed for 3 seconds. The LCD screen lights up, and the device enters the power-on state. At this time, the floating board defaults to the standard mode. The standard mode has 2 gear positions. Press one of the left and right sides to activate the switch to enter the first gear. Both switches are simultaneously pressed into the second gear. Tap the main power switch again,the system will adjust to the sport mode. There are also 2 gears in the sport mode. Press one of the left and right sides to activate the switch to enter the first gear.
TypeElectric Bodyboard
Color White (Optional Color)
MaterialABS Plastics
Packing Size93.5 * 28 *51.5 CM
Gross Weight15 KG
Net Weight10 KG
Carrying Weight<100KG
Water Surface SpeedHydrostatic Surface 5-15KM/H
Paddle SpecificationTrefoil full penetration diameter 18.5CM
Propeller1 pcs
Propeller VoltageDC36V
Propeller Speed6500 rpm
Propeller Power3200W
Propeller MaterialAluminum alloy die casting
Propeller Weight1.5KG
Propeller Size20*20*22CM
Propeller InstallationIndependent suspension
Battery Installation Quick insertion and removal of self-locking structure
Battery ConfigurationDC36V/12AH
Charging MethodContact type
Charging Time2-4H
Working Miles30-60 minutes (can increase battery capacity according to user needs to adjust the cruising range)
Waterproof LevelIP68Jet Propelled Boogie Board manufacturers

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