low price Silicon Crystal Growth Furnace 1050

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low price Silicon Crystal Growth Furnace 1050

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⊙ Our History
Anhui Yixin Semiconductor Co.,Ltd, founded in Sep, 2016, is located in Xinzhan Hi-tech District in Hefei in Anhui province, mainly engaged in the large size of semiconductor silicon crystal and silicon wafer and research, production, sales and technical service of automatic silicon crystal growth furnace. It is a member of China Semiconductor Industry Association, China Electronics Materials Industry Association and Hefei Semiconductor Industry Association.
⊙ Our Factory
Phase-Ⅰ:eight production lines of 12-inch monocrystalline silicon have put into operation and the scale of production has been the largest base of 12-inch electronic grade monocrystalline silicon rods in China.
Phase-Ⅱ:The project of producing 600 thousand 12-inch polished silicon wafers per year has started preliminary planning and designing stage.
Phase-Ⅲ:The project of producing 2.4 million 12-inch polished silicon wafers per year(future plan).
⊙ Our Product
(1)12 to 16 inch electronic grade monocrystalline silicon rods;
(2)12 to 16 inch electronic grade silicon crystal growth furnace;
(3)automatic silicon crystal growth control system;
(4)12-inch electronic grade polished silicon wafers.
⊙ Product Application
Raw material of wafer chips
⊙ Our Certificate
In 2015, the 12-inch silicon wafer products have passed the inspection of national nonferrous metal and electronic material analysis and testing center.
The technical results have been applied for 19 national patents.
⊙ Production Equipment
Monocrystal furnace, guillotine shear, tumbling mill, chamfer machines, grinding mill and polishing machine, etc.low price Silicon Crystal Growth Furnace 1050

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