T29 Conical Flap Disc factory

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T29 Conical Flap Disc factory

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T-29 - Conical shape provides an excellent angle for contour and
edge grinding. Best at a wider angle of 15 to 25 degrees.
Calcined Aluminum oxide coated

Calcined aluminum oxide coated abrasive flap discs are more durable and sharper than aluminum oxide coated flap discs, and higher performance. The durability 30% more.
Item No. Dimension Speed
m/s Available Grit sizesBox Qty
1, Can we use our shipping agent?
Yes, you can. We had cooperated with many forwarders. If you need, we can recommend some to you and you can compare the prices and services.
2, How can you ensure the quality?
Only manufacture high quality and stable batch products can ensure user’s safety and consistent effect. All our products will pass the semi-product testing, finished-product testing and inspection before delivering. Quality passes only after 3 times testing.
3, Your port of shipment?
Usually Qingdao or Shanghai port, China. But if you need us delivery the products to different port, it will work too, although the distance is different, the delivery cost will be different.
4, Can your products make to order?
Yes, if you cannot find the solution for your particular application in our product range, we can produce grinding and cut-off wheels in premium quality on your request, tailor-made to meet the requirements of your job. T29 Conical Flap Disc factory

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