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ESC 100A suppliers

Publicado: 25 Mar 2020, 05:30
por g34dfsd
Dual ESC based on VESC 4 is upgraded on single mini esc 4.20 and it can drive two motors at the same time. And It's more powerful and smooth than normal electronic speed controller. And this ESC 100A based on VESC it's with delicate design in details & with quality assurance.
Product Parameter
Dual ESC based on VESC 4
FirmwareLatest Version Firmware
Continuous Current50A /single, 100A /dual
Instantaneous Current150A single, total 300A for system instantaneous current
Cells3-13S LiPo
Supported ModesDC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)
FOB PortDongguan
Place of OriginChina
Lead time3-20 working days
Product Detail
鈼?For our electric motor controller based on VESC, when the current limits are hit, a soft back-off strategy is used while the motor keeps running. If the current becomes way too high, the motor is switched off completely.
鈼?The RPM limit of brushless dc motor controller based on VESC also has a soft back-off strategy.
鈼?Commutation of VESC controller works perfectly even when the speed of the motor changes rapidly. This is due to the fact that the magnetic flux is integrated after the zero crossing instead of adding a delay based on the previous speed.
鈼?When the motor is rotating while the esc controller is off, the commutations and the direction are tracked. The duty-cycle to get the same speed is also calculated. This is to get a smooth start when the motor is already spinning.
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market and our main market includes Europe, North America and Oceania, Southeast Asia etc.
At present, we have done many customized products for customers from Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Singapore and other countries and regions. Customized products include dc motors, speed controllers, remote controllers, screen display and more.
About US
The co-founders of FLIPSKY is a group of passionate and innovative post-80s technology enthusiasts. Although every engineer is armed with unique skills, the team has always maintained the spirit of learning and innovation. The innovative application of technology has also achieved success in the market. As early as June 2016, this team did innovative development of the BLHeli 8-bit and 32-bit electric speed controller on the basis of the Betaflight F3, F4 project, and this innovative bldc motor driver are hot sale now in market. (Betaflight: According to Google Trends analysis around January 2017, it may be the world's first open source multi-rotor firmware.)
Our Service
Prior to sales, we provide free quotation service within 24 hours. And we strictly control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing. Additionally, we provide after-sales technical support. Welcome to contact us freely if you have any questions!
Email: flipsky01@outlook.com
Tel: +86 076982816997/+86 15602221614
Wechat/WhatsApp: +86 15602221614ESC 100A suppliers