Custom Terracotta Louvers

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Custom Terracotta Louvers

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TOB of Fujian HUATAI group has received the relevant state and national standards promulgated by the terracotta panel tile, TOB terracotta tile is the only national standards brand, which helps to regulate the industry development.
TOB terracotta baguettes size:
Terracotta baguettes Texture
TOB Terracotta panel has a rich face and texture with flat polish and groove surface richly varied changes thick and moderate texture have a strong affinity with the other wall materials, with easy to use, complement with each other. It makes the architectures have more choices and greater provide the architectures the tools and innovative stage and inspired their innovation in the architectural design, terracotta panel is full of great creativity flexibility to combine glass, stone, aluminum plate paint and other wall materials, build special effects to architectures.
Terracotta cladding advantages
Convenient fixing installation, safe and reliable
Heat preservation and sound insulation
Self-cleaning, easy maintenance
Static Resistance and Weather Resistance
Natural and Eco-Friendly Materials
No Maintenance with Hollow Structure
Easy Dry Hanging System
Terracotta louvers installation
1: Can you provide accessories together?
Yes, we can. Usually some accessories we suggest clients buy from local market, like Clips can buy from our factory.
2: Will the color of terracotta panel fade?
No, the color of terracotta panel is made by different color clays. Terracotta panel's color is the same inside and outside. So we can guarantee that it will not fade.
About Huatai Group
Since its inception, Huatai Group has been adhering to the business idea of diligence, dedication, integrity and innovation, following the trend of the times, and repeatedly promoting the great development of the Chinese building material industry.
In the 1980s, Huatai Group was the first to introduce high-tech building stone production equipment and scientific production management processes, effectively driving the development of the building stone industry.
In the 1990s, Huatai Group was the first to build a modern automatic ceramic tile production line, effectively advancing the automation of the traditional ceramic production technology.
In the early 21st century, Huatai Group took the lead in introducing the European wide-bodied roller kiln production technology and dry pressing technology, greatly improving the production efficiency and yield and promoting the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of architectural ceramics.
The TOB Terracotta Panel at the Building Materials Expo TOB Terracotta Panel Production Base
Fujian Huatai Group Co., Ltd.Custom Terracotta Louvers

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