discount Solvent Recovery Unit

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discount Solvent Recovery Unit

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"Green & Environmental" "Clean & Tidy"
"Anti-corrosion & Durable" "Easily & Facility"
Are you looking for a product which is green, clean, anti-corrosion and facility for solvent recovery? Our highly efficient solvent recycling and recovery service creates a clean product that can be returned to you, it is not only a chiller but also a cold trap, enhancing your green credentials.
Product Introduction
Little still solvent recovery is an innovative product which used for steam condensation collection of organic solvents. It can be working combined with Sample pretreatment equipment such as Laboratory Parallel Evaporator/Concentration Meter, Rotary Evaporator, Vacuum Drying Oven, Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator, Vacuum Suction Filter, Solid Phase Extractor, condense and recover the solvent steam ,meanwhile it can also used for purifying the exhaust gases from vacuum pump, to reduce the environmental pollution and take care of experimenter.
Main Characteristics
●Green & Environmental
With the built-in three-stages condenser, the recovery rate of ethanol can achieve better than 99%, and the recovery rate of dichloromethane will be better than 98%. It’s Higher efficiency and more environmentally friendly compared with traditional cooling water circulation machine or cold trap.
●Clean & Tidy
Cooling circulation fluid and external glass condenser are non requirements for Little still solvent recovery, so users no need to worry about glass broken, also avoids the complex pipeline connection, it is much more easier to clean and tidy the lab.
●Anti-corrosion & Durable
The material connect gas or liquid is made of PEEK, PTFE and borosilicate glass. It is resistant to hydrochloric acid and strong corrosive solvents, anti-corrosive and durable.
●Easily & Facility
Little still solvent recovery is equipped with an air inlet and air outlet, after connected with the equipment simply it can be operated. External 3L spiral-mouth solvent recovery bottle, convenient for large volume solvent evaporation.Working status can be observed on 5-inch color LCD touch screen displays.
Product Principle
Little still solvent recovery is connected between the concentration evaporator and the vacuum pump. The low-temperature environment is provides by refrigerant which inside the refrigeration system. Organic solvent steam condensed and liquefied by condenser and then collected by external bottles.
Little still solvent recovery can also be connected to the outlet of the vacuum pump for condensing and purifying the exhaust gas of the organic solvent discharged by the vacuum pump.
Typical applications
●Vacuum pump exhaust gas purification
Little still solvent recovery is connected with the outlet of the vacuum pump, which can efficiently condense and recover the vapor of organic solvent. The extremely tiny vapor of organic solvent is completely absorbed by the activated charcoal column, which fully protects the safety and health of users under the condition of poor ventilation in the laboratory.
Product specifications
Main Functional Parameters ESR320 ESR320D
Display Screen5-inch color LCD touch screen√√
Condense StageThree stages√√
Lowest Temperature-20℃√√
Automatic DefrostingSecond, third stage defrosting alternating automatically×√
No. Of Collection bottle2 Collection bottles√√
Collection bottle Volume3L√√
Capability of AnticorrosiveThe material of connection for gas or liquid is consist of PEEK, PTFE and borosilicate glass.
Interface Type13 PEEK tower connector for inlet
11 PEEK tower connector for outlet
Rated Power500W
Power RequirementAC220V 50Hz 5A
Overall DimensionLength 340mm,Width 510mm, Height 715mmdiscount Solvent Recovery Unit

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