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crane parts in stock

Publicado: 25 Jun 2019, 09:24
por fish4fi
Electric power conductor system for overhead crane
Supply 1000m conductor without any joint.
Installation easily and quickly. Offer 3P,4P(50A,80A,100A,120A,140A) five types,with the load matching selection and utilization economically. Meanwhile 3P,4P can be combined into the 6P and above types. Conductor:copper with rigid PVC.
2, Insulated conductor rails
Using single-pole insulated conductor rails.It complies with the latest regulations and provide the electric energy for mobile consumers.The conductor rail material is copper(200A-5000A),aluminiium(150A-3000A). The aluminium conductor rail is provided with a proven and patented stainless steel contact surface. Any numbers of poles can be installed vertically of horizontally,on straight or curved systems.
The conductor rails system can be installed indoor or outdoor.For high temperature conditions,a high temperature insulation cover up to 115degree is available,also for low temperature conditions,it could be up to -40 degree. Approved and listed by: CCC,ISO9001 and CE.
3,C-track festoon system support conductor cables(flat or round)
C-track Festoon system support conductor cables(flat or round) and hoses(hydraulic and pneumatic applications) for delivering power & control to mobile equipment in a safe,efficient and maintenance free method.
Cable trolleys not only deliver power and control to mobile equipment which has reciprocal motion but also support large quantities of data cables including optic fibres travelling independently from the mobile machinery.
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