Water Service Truck

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Water Service Truck

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Portable Water service vehicle
1. Product profile
The aircraft portable water service truck primarily consists of Isuzu chassis, portable water tank assembly, power take-off (PTO) drive assembly, portable water supply system, tail frame, hydraulic drive system, electrical system.
Applicable aircrafts
It is applicable to A300、A310、A318、A319、A320、A330、A340、B707、B727、B737、 B747、B757、B767、B777、DC8、1L—18、1L—62、MD11、MD80 type aircraft except A380.
2. Product Standard
MH/T6014-1999 Portable Water Vehicle
IATA AHM 970 Function specification for Portable Water Vehicle
IATA AHM 913 Basic Safety Requirements for Airport Ground Support Equipment IATA AHM 915 Standard Control device
IATA AHM 910 Basic Requirements for Airport Ground Support Equipment CCAR-137-CA-R3 Administrative provisions for civil airport equipment
AP-137-CA-2015-02 Survey arrangement for civil airport equipment
GB3847-2005·Emission limits and measurement methods for compressed-combustion engine
GB20891-2014 Emission limits and measurement methods for diesel engine
3. Technical parameter
Length mm 7330 Width mm 2220
Height mm 2400 Wheelbase mm 3815
Thread(F/R) mm 1680/1650
Front Suspension mm 1110
Rear Suspension mm 2405
Portable Water Tank Volume L
Approach Angle (°) 24
Departure Angle
Min Ground Clearance mm 200 Turning Radius mm 7000
Vehicle Weight
kg 4550 Max. Speed km/h 80
Max. Operation Speed km/h 50 Water Supply Flow
L/min 90-130
Water Supply Pressure
Mpa 0.25-0.35 Pump Material Stainless Steel
Lifting Height of platform mm 400-3000 Loading of platform kg 200
Water Service Truck

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